The Basic B

The Basic B starts with a decadent layer of our fudge brownie base; it is then layered with Dough Street’s famous homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and is topped with semi-sweet  chocolate chips.


This bish keeps things nice and simple but have no doubt this brookie will become one of your guilty pleasures.


The Nutter

We beat it, you eat it.


The Nutter starts with a thick layer of our brownie base; it is then topped with a layer of peanut butter sandwich cookies and a mouthwatering layer of Dough Street’s peanut butter cup infused original cookie dough.


We finished this crazy concoction by topping it off with peanut butter candied pieces and another PB sandwich cookie.


Let’s just say this is one nut, you won’t forget.


The Golden Fix

The Golden Fix knows just the way to make you tick.


This delectably delicious, sweet seduction starts with our buttery blondie base; it is then topped with a layer of golden sandwich cookies and layered with Dough Street’s sugar cookie dough loaded with sprinkles.


We topped this sweet treat with white chocolate chips, a caramel drizzle and sea salt.


This sweet and salty confection will have you falling in love at first bite.


The Extra




The Extra starts with our delicious blondie base; it is then topped with a layer of honey graham snacks and sandwiched together with Dough Street’s impeccable cookies and cream cookie dough. We topped this beauty with chocolate candied pieces and added more honey graham snacks.


Have no doubt this is not your average dessert, this creation is EXTRA AF.

Brownie Variety 4-Pack

  • This product is sold as a 4-pack

    • The Basic B
    • The Nutter
    • The Golden Fix
    • The Extra