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Edible Cookie Dough

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cookie + brownie = brookie


Now you can enjoy cookie dough the way we all love to eat it...

...with a SPOON!

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Not your ordinary brownie

cookie + brownie = brookie


Cookie Dough Company
Cleveland's Premier


Cleveland's Premier
cookie + brownie = brookie
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The Basic B

The Basic B starts with a decadent layer of our fudge brownie base; it is then layered with Dough Street’s famous homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and is topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips.


This bish keeps things nice and simple but have no doubt this brookie will become one of your guilty pleasures.

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The Golden Fix

This delectably delicious, sweet seduction starts with our buttery base; it is then topped with a layer of golden sandwich cookies and layered with Dough Street's sugar cookie dough loaded with sprinkles.

We topped this sweet treat with white chocolate chips, a caramel drizzle and sea salt.


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